Matthew Santoro is a YouTuber that Grade has talked/ranted about before. On the Nicole Arbour videos, Grade has taken Matthew's side and exposed Nicole Arbour. Along with Markiplier and Pewdiepie, Matthew was one of the three people that Grade has talked about in his "Drama Rant". Matthew Santoro has 5.4M subscribers on youtube now.


Nicole Arbour Abuse Controversy Edit

Grade has told the story about Nicole abusing Matthew in his rant about Nicole. Grade took Matthew's side and exposed Nicole of being an attention whore and a liar.

Plagiarism Allegations Edit

Matthew was accused of plagiarizing one of the the top 10 lists of Listverse by Grade. Matthew did noticed the tweets and messages about this and he told everyone starting today he will now cite his sources for his videos. However some people claim that his sources were still fake. Listverse has commented on a youtube video that they will get their lawyers involved with him. [1]

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