Jinx is a YouTuber and former reactor that Grade has talked/ranted about before. Along with his brother, CjSoCool, Jinx is one of the two reactors that Grade has talked about in his video on reaction channels, Why Reaction Channels Are Shit (Jinx and CJisSoCool). Jinx had 930K subscribers when Grade had made his video on him and CJ. Jinx now has about 1.5M subscribers and counting.

Response to Grade's video

Jinx has responded to Grade's video however he didn't say Grade's channel by name. He claimed that Grade was just attacking him because he is "Youtube Famous". He also claimed that everything that Grade has said in "Why Reaction Channels Are Shit (Jinx and CJisSoCool)" video was false. He deleted the video however someone reuploaded the video here. Ever since Grade has made his video, Jinx stopped his reactions which raised speculation that Jinx stopped his reaction videos because of Grade.

R E A C T I O N V I D E O ' S A R E T H E B E S T T H I N G E V E R

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